Our Kickboxing Classes are best way to stay fit as well as develop self-defense skills.

Kickboxing is a form of martial arts derived from karate. It borrows moves from multiple types of martial arts including full-contact karate, Muay Thai, and boxing. This type of martial art uses both hands and feet as points of contact.







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Be A Warrior

Our trainers make you ready for physically and mentally for any situation.

Premium Equipment

Our equipment are certified to be used safely for all types of exercises.

Recharge Your Instincts

The regime would develop the perfect mind and body coordination.

Track Your Progress

Our Professional Trainers keep a detailed track record of your progress.

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Want to know more about the Kickboxing Classes?

There are different types of kickboxing, each with different rules. For instance, there is American kickboxing which uses the hands and feet to make contact, while muay thai allows the elbows and knees as contact points.

You really can’t beat this type of workout for giving you so much in return. And as far as equipment goes, you’ll need some boxing gloves and hand straps. Yeah, you’ll feel like a badass! Try a class for free. So, go on, give it a try!

What to Bring to Class

  • Water bottle (or health drink)
  • Towel
  • Comfortable t-shirts or tank tops and shorts
  • High-athletic socks and sweatbands
  • High-impact sports bra (women)
  • A fighting spirit