Marathon training is focused on boosting overall stamina to make you run that extra mile.

The class is lead by an instructor who leads participants through various exercises to a motivational soundtrack. The aim is to boost stamina along with physical fitness, particularly cardiovascular fitness, cardio stamina and flexibility.






Core stamina

N2N Fitness Club MarathonClass

Build The Stamina

Steady build the stamina to win the marathon you have set as a goal.

Best Equipment

We have the most advanced & well-maintained equipment for a hassle-free workout.

Train With The Pros

Our professional marathon trainer will help you develop that stamina in no time.

Track Your Progress

Our expert trainers keep a detailed track record of your progress.

N2N Fitness Club Marathon Training
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Want to know more about the marathon training class?

For many runners, the desire to do a marathon is about personal challenge. You might want to test your limits or prove that you can go the distance. Perhaps a friend has talked you into it. Maybe you’d like to lose weight, get healthier or raise awareness for a charity. Maintaining your motivation will help you get out the door.

The key to the program is the long runs on weekends, which build from 6 miles in Week 1 to 20 miles in the climactic Week 15.  (After that, you taper 3 weeks to get ready for the marathon.) You can skip an occasional workout, but do not cheat on the long runs.

What to Bring to Class

  • Water bootle (water will be available)
  • Towel
  • Comfortable t-shirts or tank tops and shorts
  • High-athletic socks and sweatbands
  • High-impact sports bra (women)