Bodybuilding classes are focused primarily on the exercise regime to help you loose lean muscles.

The class is led by an instructor who leads participants through various exercises to a pop soundtrack. The aim is to make you loose fat along physical fitness, particularly cardiovascular fitness, cardio stamina and flexibility.


Medium – High




Cardio stamina

N2N Fitness Club Weight Loss Class

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Surprise everyone with the new slim and sexy version of yourself. So, let’s start!

Best Equipment

We have the most advanced & well-maintained equipment for a hassle-free workout.

Train Under Professionals

Our expert and professional trainer help you achieve you goal quickly.

Track Your Progress

Our expert trainers keep a detailed track record of your progress.

N2N Fitness Club Weight Loss Class
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Want to know more about the weight loss class?

When it comes to losing weight, a combination of good nutrition and diet along with exercise is the key to success. Joining a gym can be a great way to commit to a regular exercise routine, and many people find that the group training classes offered at gyms can be fun and motivational.

If weight loss is your goal, then some classes are certainly better than others to consider trying. The best thing about all these classes is that they will help you to not only lose weight, but have fun at the same time. You are more likely to stick to it.

What to Bring to Class

  • Water bottle (water will be available)
  • Towel
  • Comfortable t-shirts or tank tops and shorts
  • High-athletic socks and sweatbands
  • High-impact sports bra (women)